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  • Introduction

    1 Lecture


  • Security Basics

    3 Lectures


  • Mindset & Habits

    5 Lectures


  • Smartphone Security

    4 Lectures


  • Passwords

    4 Lectures


  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    7 Lectures


  • Connected Apps

    5 Lectures


  • Encryption

    5 Lectures


  • Wrapping Up

    1 Lecture


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Welcome To The Course!

As people become more connected, technology has become a necessary part of our lives. Our experiences today almost seem like old science fiction stories-having a video conversation with someone on the other side of the planet, or spending money without ever touching your wallet.

While the internet has brought amazing convenience to our lives, it has also introduced new ways for people to steal our valuable information. For example, malware can infect your computer and watch your online activities, or phishing scams can steal your private information so that strangers have access to highly sensitive materials.

This is why having a working understanding of how the internet works and how cyber security can keep you out of harms way is essential. You're in charge of protecting yourself, and so you become your own best advocate and worst enemy based on your online actions.

This course will discuss why security matters: your information is valuable and regardless of who you are, you are a target. To do this, we will look at the most common threats you should keep in mind, which could range from malware, to the kinds of social engineering you may encounter. In addition to identifying threats, we'll look at the ways you can actively protect yourself from harm, such as utilizing smart phone security, having a strong password, learning about two-factor authentication, combating other sneaky attempts to access your private information without a password, and incorporating encryption into your daily habits.

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